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Commercial batches of cargoes for any purpose which cross a state border become subject to obligatory controls, requiring collection and filling in a package of documents for the cargoes in accordance with the requirements and rules of current Russian customs legislation. All this set of actions is called customs clearance. This procedure requires a serious approach. Incorrectly filled out declarations or an incomplete package of documents may become a cause of cargo being detained and administrative penalties being applied to the cargo owner (customs filer).

The procedure

Customs clearance of any type of goods starts with the cargo owning company registering as a participant in international economic activity. Usually, this occurs at the first contact with the customs authorities, when the goods declaration is filed. The goods owner or his/her authorized customs representative (broker) usually performs the filling out and agreeing of all documents, carrying out the required stages of cargo batch declaration.

The customs clearance procedure has several stages:

  •  customs notification on the goods arrival;
  •  filling out and filing of the customs declaration;
  •  check of reliability of the information stated in the declaration;
  •  control of correct determination of the customs price of the cargo indicated in the declaration;
  •  check of payment of all required customs fees;
  •  customs control (examination) of the cargo prior to its release;
  •  cargo release.

The large amount of information which should be indicated in the customs documents and numerous idiosyncrasies in filling them out, as specified in the national legislation complicate this procedure. So, in order not to get distracted from their main activity and to save on payments to a permanent specialist within the company, many companies entrust the goods customs clearance to professional entities.

Beneficial cooperation

Our company helps resolve any issues related to cargo customs clearance in an expeditious manner and in strict compliance with the legislation. Both large companies with many years of operational experience and starting entrepreneurs are among our customers. Our company is engaged in transportation and delivery of goods of any purpose in Moscow through the Sheremetyevo terminal and other customs stations of our country. We service both direct contracts with our customers, and contract brokers.

Our advantages:

  •  direct contact with all the parties of the customs clearance process;
  •  affordable price for our services;
  •  possibility of electronic declaration;
  •  arrangement of goods certification and delivery;
  •  high qualification of our staff who are thoroughly knowledgeable about customs legislation;
  •  minimized terms of document issuance and customs clearance.

The cargo customs clearance includes:

  1.  assistance in preparation of a complete package of documents for clearance;
  2.  registration of a company as a participant in international economic activity (if required);
  3.  selection of FEACN codes;
  4.  calculation and payment of customs fees;
  5.  filing a declaration with the customs authorities;
  6.  cargo release control.

You can find information on the prices for our services in the Price list or send us an enquiry for an individual calculation.

for customs clearance services

Customs clearance

  • Customs duties calculated on request*
  • Customs clearance (Broker’s signature/ seal) 400,00-500,00 USD / 1 declaration
  • Customs clearance (Client’s signature/ seal) 330,00-400,00 USD / 1 declaration
  • Registration of new client at the customs post 40,00 USD ( if necessary)
  • Handling / loading According to the warehouse invoice**
    (minimum– 55,00 USD)

Possible additional costs:

  • Temporary storage According to the warehouse invoice**
  • Сertification calculated on request

Terms of customs clearance:

  • - 1-4 business days since the date of receiving transport documents at point of destination.
  • *Customs duties are transferred to the account of the customs authority in the exchange rate of Central Bank of Russia.
  • ** Payment for the warehouse service - 6% from warehouse invoice
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