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Goods insurance is a long-standing important practice of ensuring financial protection of financial interests of individuals and legal entities from potential loss due to events that lead to loss or damage to valuables. The point of cargo insurance is the compensation for accidental losses that occurred not due to the cargo owner’s or carrier’s fault. Any type of products or raw materials whose import/export is permitted can be subject to insurance, irrespective of the method of transportation. The terms and conditions of insurance are stated in an insurance agreement executed between an insurance company and the cargo owner. The price of such an agreement is determined based on the nature and value of the goods, type of transport, distance, and direction of transportation, and the potential risk set.

Insurance options

Cargo insurance for international transportation is performed according to the terms and conditions stipulated in so-called “Institute Cargo Clauses” 1982. According to the current rules of international law, there are three possible options for cargo insurance for transportation: A, B, and C.

Option A, both for local and international transportation, guarantees the fullest extent of coverage possible of potential losses and is the most attractive option for cargo owners because cargoes are insured against all types of potential risks except for a number of types specified in the insurance agreement (for example, atomic explosion, intended damage, etc.).

The concept of option B of cargo insurance, or “partial loss liability”, implies compensation of losses occurring due to the loss or damage of the product as a result of attachment of one or more risks from a restricted list included in the agreement.

C option insurance, or “insurance with no liability for damage except for wreck case”, implies receipt of compensation under the agreement only in the case of a catastrophe occurring with the means of transportation (truck, aircraft, r/w transport), its explosion or fire on it, and complete/partial loss of the goods batch.

Our services

Product insurance does not guarantee its absolute safety. However, it helps to prevent financial risks. Our company provides services for cargo insurance for international and domestic air transportation. According to statistics, air transportation is the safest method of transportation. However, even when transported using this method, the cargo may get damaged during loading/unloading, or lost in case of a wreck. Insurance of goods air transportation is performed by our company in accordance with the international standards and requirements. It’s fast and beneficial to the maximum to take out insurance with the help of our company.

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